Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oh Brothers....

This is a layout from LOAD213...I get so much done in a Lay Out A Day  month.  I can't wait for May.

About this layout...

I love the story of brothers sharing a dream come true.  I don't love the idea of them jumping out of an airplane - but the desires of their heart made their "Jump"  such fun gifts to give.  They love being together.  I wish we saw Randy's family more- but they are in such far away places. We do make the most of the times we share.  The laughter is easy and the fun never ends.

I felt like I "built" this layout more than created it.   I just kept finding things to add to the page that seemed to fit.

I love the smiles...the energy...the focus on the dream fulfilled.  You are NEVER going to see me jumping out of an airplane unless it is on fire.  They would both love to do it again. Jan and I just smile...and pray. :) What dream come true...or bucket list item do you have to scrap?

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  1. How awesome is this! They are so very brave!!! I love your product choices. Amazing job Valerie!!! Great story!