Sunday, March 2, 2014

I love my guy...

I do love my guy.  This layout was a challenge to not do a title.  Of course...I can still journal and I did.  This photo was taken at a recent wedding.  I thought it perfect for a layout about his birthday and our relationship...28 years later.

If you are a do you journal. My grandpa kept a daily diary but it had more weather information in it than anything else.  My grandmother would add a few occasional tidbits like "the little girls stayed tonight, Ina went to have the baby". I wanted more!  I was one of those little girls and the baby is my brother Matt.

What did they think about keeping us? What did they have planned.  Did they wish for a boy or a girl?  Were we well behaved?  These details matter to me.  Finding their journals with excitement and then with some disappointment...was another reason I choose to fill my time with scrapbooking.  Our history is so much a part of us.  It can define us...break us...or load us up with hope and inspiration.  Journaling matters...not just the event...but the feelings.


  1. Oh I so know what you mean. That type of history in our hands would be absolutely priceless! I hope someday our written stories will be cherished by someone!

  2. Right on, sister! Journaling matters. Besides scrapbooking, I don't do much of it anymore. What a great reminder to do so...for future generations. Even though your grandfather's diary didn't have all the details, it's still a treasure :)