Saturday, September 1, 2012

Who Do You Look Like?

I think it is pretty amazing how genes fall into place.  I remember, as a child, thinking a picture of Aunt Bonnie was me in a frame my Grandmother had on the wall.  As I grew- I realized it was my Aunt Bonnie...child number four and sister number three. 

I have been mistaken for her daughter and it got me right into the maternity ward when my cousin was having a baby. It was obvious to the staff that "her other daughter came by...she looks just like you".  We still laugh about it.

I don't have many pictures of Mom...she is hard to catch for some reason...but I love this one from the 2012 Guttendorf/Bess family reunion.  All three of us were there and this page idea was born.

Who do you resemble?  Chase is a mini-Randy and Walker has a great deal of Uncle Matt in him. Do you see your future in a relative? 

Have a great holiday weekend.

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  1. I see you in both your mom and your aunt, but if I had to guess, I would have guessed your aunt was your mom. Isn't that funny! You have inspired a page topic with your layout! Thank you. It's a long story, but I found out I had a sister, that I never knew about, when I was 38 yrs. old. She looks like my mom in her later years before she died, and I look like my mom when she was in her earlier years. I know what you mean about your mom and not having many photos of her. You will come to cherish the ones you have someday even more than you do now! Fantastic layout! Thanks for the inspiration!