Sunday, March 24, 2013

One of the Great Loves of my Life...

My  Grandpa...oh, how I loved that man.  He lived just three miles away from our home and his house was called "the homeplace". I suppose I need to scrap that some day.  A day with him meant gathering eggs from the hen house. Feeding calves in the barn. Warnings to be careful when the dangers that went along with farm life were close at hand. 

Some people preached to their children...he lived it.  We learned by watching him.  He treasured each one of us for our individual gifts and strengths. He relished the gift he had been given to work and live off the land.  He was a good neighbor...  a present father... a devoted grandfather... a loving husband ... a hard worker...a grateful man.  

I was fortunate to live with him a portion of my senior year to help with Grandpa &  my grandmother. Grandma had developed Alzheimer's- a fairly new diagnosis in 1982-83. My biological grandmother of lung cancer when I was two.  His second wife - Grandma Marge- was our grandmother for nearly all of my life...and it broke our hearts to see such a beautiful, gracious lady disappear before our eyes - one day at a time.  It broke his heart. In that brokeness - he found an even deeper relationship with God- and Grandpa became quite the prayer warrior.  Upon his death- I remember thinking that I would miss him and the knowledge he covered us in prayer every day.

These are about the only pictures I have of Grandpa and I am pulling out the old wedding photos again. Sometimes you have to use what you have...even if it isn't the perfect picture for the story.

I miss you Grandpa.  I thank you for your example.  

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes! The only photos I have of me and my Grandpa are my wedding photos also. He raised me alone for most of my life, so he meant the world to me too. Love this layout Valerie! Look at you so young. Beautiful, beautiful job! Hope you have a blessed Easter!