Friday, March 29, 2013

Reflections...Why I Scrapbook

I think this layout is full of Easter colors. It uses my border collage photo that includes some favorite photos.  It is why I scrapbook.  I love to take pictures, tell stories and play with paper and color.  It is my little refuge in any storm and reminds me of my blessings. 

I made it during LOAD 213 when instructed to make a page that reflects me.  
These are some of my favorite colors.  The people are my people.  The art work is colorful and whimsical...the way I like it. Including yourself on a page is hard of me.  I never really love photos of myself. Let's face it...I am never ever going to be skinny.  My family might want more of me than my writing - so I will try harder this year to get in some pictures...and then use those photos, anyway. 

My SIL Jennifer is a scrapper, too.  We have decided that we might color eggs this year - even if the kids don't join us! A chance to play with color is hard to pass up whether it is on paper or on an egg!  If we do...I will take pictures. Of course - if we get it all ready and start to play - I predict the teens, young adults and everyone else will join in the fun. 

Happy Easter!  Celebrate the reason for the season.

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  1. Love the spring colors and the mix of photos! Excellent job Valerie!