Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anniversary Card 2013

26 Years...                                                                                           

I do my best to make all of my justify the investment I have in all of my supplies.  I am tempted and fall to an occasional Shoebox but for the most part...I stick to that commitment.  Then...our anniversary rolls around and I feel the angst of trying to figure out how to make a card that reflects how much I love my husband...and our life together.  He always gets me the best cards.

This year, I had a plan!  My LOAD/ScrapHappy friend, Kristie Sloan made a wedding card that has inspired my wedding cards for 2013.  Check out Kristie @  She is talented and so very, very nice!  Here is the link to her original post.  You will enjoy her work and creative spirit. 

Back on track...I love making that wedding card but I have to give it away every time I make it (for obvious reasons). :) I am usually in a hurry... and never even remember to snap a photo.  I decided to twist the concept from Wedding Dress and Tuxedo to a "night on the town" suit and dress.  Our Anniversary...though several weeks still being remembered as this card sits on the top of the piano. Randy even commented on the design when I gave it to him. It made my day!  

How did I make it? Pick a heart die that will allow you to fit two on the page. Cut 1 black, 1 white, 1 flesh tone (or another white and add flesh color with a marker or stamp pad) and 1 color of choice.  I can't get enough of this tropical blue. 

For HIS suit: Get ready for this...I used an embossing folder I picked up at Hobby Lobby that looks like a memo pad. I strategically placed it to create the pinstripe in the suit. Cut a slit down the center of the heart just enough to allow you to fold back each side to create his lapels. Attach the white heart behind it for the shirt.  I used the animal print ribbon to make his tie knotted up well for just the right look.  I could have used brads or stickers for buttons. Even a bow tie would work if you have a heart punch.

For HER dress: Emboss the dress with the pattern of your choice.  I usually use my swirls, polka-dots or a small flower print. (This cardstock had a bit of a metallic sheen- if it were matte I might have used Stickles to had some bling.)  Have I mentioned that I love my Sizzix/Big Shot! It is the best tool for embossing.  Fast, easy and fabulous! I couldn't resist the animal print belt from my ribbon stash.  The buckle on her dress is from strips of "diamond" self adhesive gemstones strips... the possibilities are unlimited but it was fast and easy to cut to size and stick. Simply layer the flesh tone heart behind the dress to create some cleavage...using marker or ink to create shadows in all the right places. :)  

The stamps are from Stephanie Barnard's The Stamps of Life.  Anniversary stamps are not anywhere in abundance- so I dug until I found combinations that work.  The Words2Color set did have the "Happy Anniversary" I was sure to use it.  I added black doodling to  the Anniversary greeting to spruce it up. 

The card still needed I bordered the bottom with a man's belt created from ...are you ready for this shocker....a Sizzix border die that is meant to be a dog collar.  It transformed perfectly to a man's belt.  NOTE: I had no good reason to purchase the dog collar die several years ago except the fact they were practically giving it way on clearance. It is one of those gems that I have used again and again when I "think outside the box".  A frivolous purchase becomes a "go-to" tool! A scrap of gold paper for the buckle.  Voila!  A finished card for the love of my life. I must confess...I was excited to give it to him. 

I hope you enjoyed this little card tutorial.  I would love to see what you create.  


  1. Ahhh, thanks, Valerie!

    Your card turned out so beautiful! The nice thing about giving it to your husband, is that it can stay at your house instead of sending it off to someone where we will never see it again!

    Here is the link to that post you are talking about:

  2. Absolutely fantabulous Valerie!!! Lovely story behind it!