Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's going to be a Wild Ride!

I adore this young couple and had the joy of taking their engagement photos.  This is the first one I finished...I couldn't resist.  This is rope swing hanging on an old cottonwood tree.  You can see the sweetness and joy in their faces. 

This was unplanned and just happened while they played.  It is...of course...the best shot of the night. What are the unplanned photos...activities...or happenings that capture that piece of your life you never want to forget?  

Photos can capture so much, if we let them.  Sometimes we worry about the perfect lighting (I am so guilty of this) that we miss the moments!  Look around...I am trying to use my phone camera a little more often...and click!   You never know what you might capture when you abandon the quest for perfection. 

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