Saturday, March 26, 2016

3 Days

Year 4-Day 87: Today...I am grateful for what can happen in three days!

It is a somber Sabbath for the disciples. Jesus has been brutally sacrificed on a cross.  They are in hiding in the very room where they shared the last supper and he tried to prepare them. They are a depressed mess. Grief was full and hope seemed gone.

Judas had betrayed Jesus and them...and he took his life. Peter had fulfilled Jesus prediction that he would deny him three times before the rooster crowed at dawn. They had lost their leader and were questioning all they had believed.

They were in the waiting place. The waiting place is hard. The grief is real. The agony is soul deep. They fear the ramifications of their association with Jesus. All of their hopes and dreams had died on that cross with Jesus. They were a mess.

What "scene" replayed in their minds? Their calling to discipleship? The night on the boat when he walked on water? The miracles too many to count? The resurrection of Lazarus? Was all hope lost or was it just dim?

It was a somber Sabbath Saturday...a Passover they would never forget. Friday's horrible events are over, but everything else seems to hang in a state of limbo.

Today, I am grateful that a lot can happen in three days!

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