Monday, August 15, 2016

Choosing Well

Daily Gratitude Year 4- Day 224: Today, I am grateful Chase has chosen our first daughter...and chosen well. 

Our hearts are full of joy. Chase and Emma grew up together in church (and she is the niece to my Jill). Our families have been close friends. (He will have the most amazing in-laws in Jeff and Donna.)They have served on mission trips together and helped with VBS many times over the years while growing up. They even walked in High School graduation together. If ever two young people made a choice with eyes wide is this pair. They know each other...with 25 years of experience. 

As young adults, they attended different colleges and explored different places. She spent some time in Europe...and he spent time in Asia. They missed each other. They discovered new adventures were better together. A shared experience was better than an experience explained. They have shared sorrows... and found strength holding hands.

This weekend...they decided to take the next step. Marriage is a perfect commitment to an imperfect person...but these two are perfect for each other. Not because either is perfect...but because they have already discovered the value of another who really "gets you". The tender love that considers what the other one needs as a top priority. 

There is an old ZoeGirl song, "You Get Me" that always makes me think of the two of them. It is hard to find that experience outside of God's grace and love.  When you do...marry them! 

When children are born, you begin to pray for their spouse. I have prayed from Emma's, too. I never dreamed that God would answer these prayers in combination. Today, our cup overflows. 

...and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy. -Psalm 63:7

His hand has been on them this whole time...and the shadow of his wings is a place of joy. 

Today, I am grateful Chase has chosen our first daughter...and chosen well. 

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