Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

This is our day!  The day scrapbookers around the world will devote to our hobby and our passion for preserving memories.  There is no right our wrong way to tell your story.  I am a fan of photo safe products, but outside of that...just have fun.  

I am on Day 5 of LOAD 512 (Layout a Day) with Lain Ehmann and am having a great time.  She is funny and inspiring.  Her "Scrapper on the Street" works with my SIL Jan at Disney.  They are blessed to have each other. Jan invited me to take the journey with her and since I have a graduation book to get done for my Blake (not my son by birth but very much a nephew of my heart)- I knew I would need the inspiration of other scrappers.  I am having a fantastic time - but oh is my scrapcave a mess!  You all know that I can't be neat and creative.  The rest of the house is in order...but I am in creative chaos and I couldn't be more pleased.  

Have a great day scrapping or making memories. 

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