Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cousin Brother and Cousin Sister

The LayOut A Day (LOAD 512) was to journal from another's perspective.  I thought Harley and her Cousin/Sister pictures was a perfect opportunity.  The kids run when the camera comes out and do the dogs.  Harley is tolerant but I swear he rolls his eyes.  Belle was hilarious and it was as challenging as small children. I eventually gave up but the shots I did get seem to tell the story.  

This was a great opportunity in the hidden journaling behind Harley's picture to tell the "Cousin Brother/Cousin Sister" story of how we adopted litter mates at a family reunion making siblings into first cousins.  They obviously picked up different looks from their Norwegian Buhound mother and Boxer/Lab father.  

The layout is not my favorite piece of art but it is a story captured and in the albums and the whole philosophy in LOAD is "I am so past perfect!"  Happy Sunday. 

My Jill (the sister God gave me outside of family...that has become family) has her youngest graduating from HS today.  Another reminder of how fast time flies and how blessed we are to have the gift of each new day. 

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