Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Soundtrack of My Life

This was my Layout A Day Assignment:"Do a layout surrounding your sense of hearing."  I was instantly taken to music... and from that came the "Soundtrack of My Life" idea.  I have so much music in my life, in my world and in me.  This was a quick one pager -and I barely had room for a photo :) - but sound isn't about pictures, anyway.  It is about the images in my head created by the music.  

Seriously, I could re-do this idea next week and change the songs simply by remembering different aspects of my life, but these worked for this particular week.  Do we often think about the impact of the music in our world?  I don't think so. It does move us, motivate us and can change a mood.  It can make us feel reflective, powerful or sentimental.  Music is the language of the soul and I know heaven will be filled with it. 

Happy Sunday!

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