Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grandma Rejected Dillinger!

Yes!  It is true.  John Dillinger spent some time in Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN where my Grandmother's family lived for a season.  Many immigrants from Sweeten and Germany were in the area. Grandma's family would eventually end up in Ashkum, IL but even as youth I remember visiting extended family in Fargo.  The Red River runs up (yes, it is true) and the fields of sunflowers were amazing to watch turn with the sun.  It was a beautiful place in the warm months. We won't talk about the winters.

Grandma's brother, Frank, worked building roads on a "steam engine". He met a young John Dillinger and found his fast cars and attitude fascinating.  Grandma was not so impressed.  She thought he was trouble and she was right!  She'd dance with him - but that was as far as it was going to go.  Thank goodness- I would not relish him in my family tree.

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