Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Hope You Dance

This is a layout that is my favorite kind to tells a story but then goes deeper.  My new, self titled style is "Photojournalist Scrapper".  I want a great picture (or in this case an unusual photo to spotlight) and a story that goes deeper into the heart of the layout.  I am a word girl and I love to soul search.  I need a quiet time to do that and my LOAD (LayOut A Day) experience with Lain Ehmann has been a recharge.

A "found picture" prompt inspired this "Grab and Go" layout. I literally found the picture in a scrap pile and grabbed a a fun design from "Everything Orange" - a LOAD friend- and away I went. My creative soul was satisfied until the next hunger pain strikes.

Happy Scrappyday!

1 comment:

  1. Valerie, I love this layout and your Photojournalist Scrapper style. Layouts like this are true gifts to our children, who may not hear these messages when we provide them verbally (or even via layout), but years from now (whether we're still around or not) they'll see layouts like this one and truly know you. These mean so much more than a page about their 10th birthday party, etc. Can't wait to read your posts from May's LOAD and learn about the stories behind them!