Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sisters...Mom and Aunt Bonnie

This is a quick layout - I am still learning to use Photo Shop Elements 9 for Digi pages.  This is my second attempt.  My "supplies" are limited.  I did the Daily Digi because it is a TON of stuff for under $10 a month.  I can see where Digi Scrapping saves $ but I still need to touch, cut and play with paper and my beloved Cricut and Sizzix.

I really think that of all of my family - I resemble Aunt Bonnie (on the left) the most. She is a hoot.  She lives out loud and has a tender heart.  We always looked forward to her visits as children and feel blessed that we see her several times a year most years - although she lives several hours a way in what is truly "Southern Illinois" on the Puducah KY border in a tiny town called Vienna.  She sounds like she was born in the South - but she has always sounded that way...even though she is a Kankakee native.

My mother (Ina Mae) always enjoys what we fondly refer to as "the sisters".  A force of nature unto themselves! They are quite a bunch. With 7 girls and 3 boys...the guys had no voice in family meetings.  They still don't.  My uncles are good guys!

With the family being large...and tight on money...they learned to value the most important thing...FAMILY. They love each don't think they don't fuss and snip at each other...but they are loyal and defend each other like mother lions. Sometimes I think of the old song... "God help the Mister that comes between me and my Sister!" and "God help the Sister who comes between me in my man!"

Hope you are savoring the Saturday.

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  1. What a pretty layout! Love the colors and the bird house & flowers are so lovely. I'm the same way when it comes to loving working with paper, scissors and glue. It's true therapy. You do look like your Aunt. At first glance I thought she was your mom. All around lovely job on your layout!