Wednesday, July 11, 2012

He Loves Me...

It is here...the month that marks our 25th year of marriage.  What a fun season in life. We married, bought a house and made it a home. We were given to sons that we adore. We have had good time, sad times, challenging times, blissful times and through each season...we have held hands and faced each day as a team.  I love this man!  
As our sons grow older and start to think of the future - I want them to know that a mate is the most important choice you make (second only to choosing Christ) and that choice of a mate will be your greatest gift if you choose wisely. I hope they choose a friend...someone they really like...and can laugh with when life brings bumps.  I pray they choose someone they can worship with - hand in hand- as they seek God's best for their life.  I hope we have been a good enough example...we aren't perfect...I hope they can look past our shortcomings to see what is good... and solid... and loyal...and true. 
If you have been blessed with a good partner - don't forget to tell them they are cherished beyond measure over any earthly treasure.  

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  1. Love that photo! The circles and stars are so lovely. And the color combo is fabulous! Again, very nice job!