Sunday, July 8, 2012

Memories of the 4th...

Another 4th of July celebration has come and gone.  It was a HOT, sweet day.  We enjoyed the Methodist Red White and Boom celebration like we have since Chase, Ryan and Emma were just babies. The Smith and Leander families know it is "what we do". Jill's brother's girls, Emma and Leah have been with us off and on over the years which only adds to the sense of family fun.  It seems the past few years we have been missing someone due to conventions, mission trips, study abroad opportunities and even a death in the family took Randy to Michigan ahead of us when his Dad died on the 4th of July six years ago.

We were all together again - with the girls as a bonus- and even a girlfriend.  It is just about as good as it gets...except the 100+ temperatures. I do not take these times together for granted.  Every day is a gift and every opportunity to just hang out together is savored.  We are so blessed to have a sense of family in this crew. We thank God for them.

Laughter, books, cards, watching the "fashion show", "fair food" from the vendors and the best fireworks show in the state made for a great time.  I caught some fun shots of the fireworks display using my 50mm lens.  

This layout was started in Memory Mixers and finished in PSE9.  Fast and fun.  The sparkle alphabet is from a Christmas Alphabet ant the fireworks are from a New Year's Eve Kit. Don't forget to think outside the box when looking at seasonal kits.  I find that many cross over to other celebrations. No sketch - I started with the photos and played with sizes to get all of these pictures on one page. 14 pictures on a one page layout is just about a record for me!

Stay cool my friends.

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  1. Awesome photos! I love the 4th, but it's hotter than blazes here in AZ in July. So we don't usually go out & watch the fireworks. Nice job!