Monday, July 9, 2012

Quiet is not always a good sign!

This layout is a fun memory that we had been talking about recently.  Ryan (my best girlfriend's oldest) and my Chase will be will be 22 and 21 soon.

They pulled this stunt twice - once with regular baby powder and once with Gold Bond baby powder that made everything smell like Listerine.  Somebody didn't learn the first time...I am not sure if it was them or us!

The photo is scanned from 1992- so it is not great, but I wanted to capture the story. The Layout is digital in Memory Mixers and exported to PSE9 for finishing touches.  Memory Mixers is faster for me -and does some cool things I have not yet mastered in my PSE9.  For those new to digital - the Memory Mixer software is truly a great introduction.  The "store" if full of fun things and since I have a limited collection, I feel pushed to be more creative. A great feature is the "drop shadow" option.  It creates a sense of depth that leaves me touching the pages to confirm that they are flat. 

These boys...are now men. As I write this - one is working in the family business and the other is in Taiwan for a study abroad experience.  They are still friends...different in so many ways...but so bonded by the rich history they share together.  I hope they never lose touch.  

As you gather your memories...collect a photo that represents an old friendship!  The older I get- the more I savor the sweetness of old friendships. They are priceless and grow sweeter with time. 


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  1. How adorable!!! What a great story to get down on paper. Those older photos add to the feel of years ago. Just too sweet. And this reminds me of when two of our little ones, on their daddy's watch, wrote all over each other with markers. He got photos, so I feel a layout coming on that you have inspired!!! The middle one also covered her little sister with postage stamps on another occasion. That time he didn't get photos. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! Have a great week!