Monday, July 2, 2012

I Believe...

The prompt...I Believe...from Your Story Matters with Lain Ehmann was fun.  I thought I would do a sentimental reflection on my beliefs and values and perhaps I still will at some point- but as looked through pictures I found this group from our Hero themed VBS in 2010.   

Youth get such a bad wrap when in truth - there are kids out there doing great things and good things.  These 6 kids have been working VBS every year since they graduated from the program. They make it so much fun for me.  I love seeing them as young adults and teens. They aren't little kids anymore.  I love them all. Between them they have worked post Hurricane Katrina in Alabama, inner city Pittsburgh and Eolia, KY in Appalachia. They have worked Mennonite Relief Sales, community events and serve weekly at church. Not a bad resume for  16, 18, 19, two @ 21 and one 22 year old.  

I do believe that youth can change the world. They have the energy and the passion.  If given freedom to try and encouragement through the struggles - they can do just about anything.  

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  1. What fun photos, and you really emphasized them with the bright colors and title work! Great job as always!