Thursday, November 3, 2016

True Blue Cubs

Daily Gratitude Year Four-Day 305: Today, I am grateful for True Cubbie Blue! (the prompt for today is "What color are you grateful for?") 

True Blue: An expression that means completely faithful and loyal to a person or an idea. 

What a perfectly chosen color for the Chicago Cubs!  108 years in between World Series TItles... the big WIN... and still, the fans are as true blue as they can be. 

Has any other team in baseball history had that kind of fan base and loyalty?  Teams move between cities. As long as there is a Cubs franchise - any wise owner will respect the importance of home to the team... and the fans who pay to see them. Fans who could not get game tickets flew into Chicago just to be in Wrigleyville if history unfurled - knowing the series was finishing in Cleveland. Today.. a team of heroes is heading home! The celebration could be as early as Friday, according to reports. 

Did you know that Cubs fans are known to outnumber the home team in nearby stadiums? It looked to be close in numbers last night. Fans on both sides sitting together... nicely... all holding their breath and breathing when they could. 

The Coaches on both teams were amazing. The level of respect between players and leadership was talked about like no other. This year has been game changing. This year will be unforgettable.

Ricketts, Epstein and Maddon... all spoke of the fierce and excellent opponents. Terry Francona spoke with such heart about his team and his opponents. Players didn't bulk or question officials. Replays were for getting the right call.They all played good ball. Honest ball. Hard ball. Miserable rain delayed ball. Every minute was nail-biting baseball. Every minute... there character displayed all around "the house". 

Two teams. One goal. As Francona said, "Somebody was going to win and somebody had to lose." The game could have gone the other way at any minute. 

The true blue respect for senior players on the team. Baseball... 39 is not a senior citizen... but the respect for David Ross and the older players was tangible.  I loved watching Anthony Rizzo side up to David Ross when things got tense. The depth of emotion... excitement, nerves and gratitude. The boys in their 30's showed leadership and the boys in their 20's showed calm and professionalism well beyond their years. 

I am grateful Ben Zobrist was true to ONU...wore the KC Royal (a shade of blue) for some great experiences and, now, is in Cubbie Blue at home. I read that he thought he would major in ministry. God clearly directed his path to baseball. He had a plan. God gave him a platform. Love it!

"To everything there is a season..." - Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Sometimes there are 108 years of waiting. That is 68 years longer than Moses and the Israelite's spent in the desert. 

I could go on and on - but I won't. What a moment to experience. Do we record the win as 11/02 or 11/03? It doesn't really matter. 

Be patient with the Cubs fans around you.  We were up way to late - but it was worth it. 

Fellow Cubs fans - remember we are tired. No hasty today when exhausted and emotions are still high. Be nice ( I will be working on this myself).

For our friends in other countries... last night is a snapshot of who we are as citizens. We are brothers and sisters, three generations of family fanship, educators, comedians, actors, musicians, physicians, childcare professionals and so much more. Judge us by our baseball and not our politics. 

One thing I know for sure... in 2016... anything can happen!

Today, I am grateful for True Cubbie Blue!

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