Saturday, January 2, 2016

Year 4-Day 2: Pooh's Super Power

Year 4-Day 2: Today,I am grateful for the wisdom that comes with accepting our days are numbered.

Psalm 90:12 "So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom." 

Time for a Pooh quote: "One day, when Pooh was thinking, he thought he would go and see Eeyore, because he hadn't seen him since yesterday." -A.A. Milne

This Pooh quote captures the "bear of very little brain's" precious perspective on friendship. People are precious and must be tended. The collective friendships of the Milne characters are loved for their quirks, diversity and simple wisdom. At the heart of it all is a knowledge that we all need each other...and every day is precious. 

I cherish all of the Pooh characters, but Eeyore has a special place in my heart. The poor guy can pour gloom into the sunniest day. His obsession with loosing his tail and all that might go wrong results in him losing sight of the many good things that fill his days. 

Now, Eeyore does believe that "weeds are flowers once you get to know them"...and that says only good things about old Eeyore. He knows what it is to be misunderstood...and the value of perspective.  

Eeyore, by his nature,  focuses on the "can'ts" and "might's". He forgets to celebrate his own uniqueness and the sincere pack of true, blue friends in his community. Don't we all have our Eeyore days? Perhaps, we have our own Eeyore friends. Maybe...just maybe...we are the Eeyore in our circle. Whatever role we assume in relationships, this scripture holds a great lesson. 

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom." 

One of the things I love about the relationship between Pooh and Eeyore is that Pooh is able to love, encourage and support Eeyore, without letting Eeyore's gloom steal his joy. That, is a super power, anyway you slice it. 

Note how Pooh places value on the relationship by spending time with Eeyore.  It would be so much easier to be "too busy" or to say "I just saw him yesterday". Pooh seeks out Eeyore. 

Wise Pooh never, ever jumps into Eeyore' s pity party.  Pooh might help Eeyore problem solve, if the problem is real...but he simply loves him, includes him and values him, just the way he is. He extends grace to his all of his friends... with nearly every encounter. 

Pooh lives a life with little room for regrets.  He seems to know his days are numbered and he goes about the business of making every one count.  

I could learn a great deal from that bear of very little brain. He does okay.  His huge heart more than compensates for the points he may lack in IQ testing. Which is more valuable, a high IQ or an open, engaging and loving heart?  

Don't worry...if you have do have a high can still choose be smart and loving at the same time. Sometimes it is harder, but it can be accomplished. (wink) 

Today,I am grateful for the wisdom that comes with accepting our days are numbered when it teaches us to love with tenacity.