Sunday, June 19, 2016


Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 171: Today, I am grateful for Dad's.

There is truly something special about a Father's love. Biology has little to do with fatherhood. Loving a child is a choice. It is a decision to commit to a little human from birth until the end of our life's dash. Fatherhood requires courage, vision, patience, prayer and tons of love. 

My boys are blessed to have a really good man to call Dad. They love him...and they love to drive him crazy. Time together seems to become more precious as they grow into adulthood. It used to be the days were long and the years were that days go fast and the years go faster. 

All day, the song "Good, Good Father" by Chris Tomlin has stuck in my head with my Earworm singing. "Your and good, good Father...that's who you are...You are perfect in all of your ways...." Click on the link if you are not familiar with the song.

So many great Biblical examples in the Bible...and some "what not to do". 
Don't give only one of your twelve sons a coat showing favoritism.
Don't underestimate a child because they are the youngest. Look at their heart. 
Do forgive.
Do encourage.

Do challenge them.
Do believe in them
Do love them openly, freely and often.
Do treasure the moments...all the moments. 

The first time your child calls you "Dad" know you would trade everything,,,every honor, promotion, title or hear the word again. It is better than a crown.

Today, I am grateful for Dad's.

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