Monday, June 27, 2016

The Color Yellow

Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 179: Today...I am grateful for the color yellow. 

How can I not dedicate a day to the color yellow? And...I think this is a first time. How have I been so remiss? There are so many shades to celebrate.  We all recognize "unmellow yellow" as the color of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese... the color of comfort food.  

Without yellows, there would be a sense of sadness on the landscape and the sun could not shine as we know it. If colors represent emotions, then yellows are warm and happy. 

From the humble dandelion to the richness of gold... there is yellow. Butterfly wings and birds that sing wear yellows with daily splendor. When I "consider the lilies of the fields"...I see day lilies in shade of yellows. Remember...without yellow to mix in the red, we would not have orange. 

Our farmer's markets are filled with yellows from tomatoes to summer squash and my personal favorite...corn on the cob. Yellows can be so majestic. Think of the warm yellow light at daybreak and magical light between daylight and dusk. Yellow makes my soul sing. 

Yellow roses are my favorite rose. Gebera daisies, zinnias and moss roses, too. Our neighbors in Pekin celebrate the marigold every in yellow hues. The most common of daisies is white... but it is the pop of lemon yellow in the center that gives it personality and brings on the smiles. 

Yes...yellow takes me back to sunny days with Big Bird and friends on Sesame Street. Remember how the show would end each day with Big Bird reminding us what letter and color had been highlighted on the show. Imagine Big Bird's voice:  "Today's gratitude is brought to you by the color yellow!" Have a sunny day. 

Today...I am grateful for the color yellow. 

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