Friday, December 16, 2016

Weather Radar

Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 350: Today, I am grateful for weather radar.

This weekend is packed quite full.  The weather doesn't look great. I  am thinking that we are going to be managing some ugly weather. It is winter in the Midwest. 

I am grateful for the radar that gives us fair warning to make better decisions. Sister-in-Love, Jennifer, is a weather watcher and she is sharp on watching the maps. The lastest update is a phone call away, if I want the "in a nut shell". Oh yes, Matt made a farm wife out of her. Farmers must obsess about the weather.

I have rich memories of the winters in the 70's. Thirteen inches we not uncommon (Traverse City family.. I know for you that is still daily living... but not so much in Illinois, anymore.) In the 70's we could head to school on the bus... on a clear day... and then end up dismissing early with the the administration praying they would get us all home safely. 

One favorite memory was a day the weather hit and it was too late and too dangerous to put us on buses. I was so excited. They had called us to the gymnasium and were literally farming us out to the town families.  I was pumped! Snow-days with FRIENDS! Not days buried with only siblings for entertainment. 

I remember my bus pals... Marty Rudin and Todd Widholm were going to Danny's house (Not sure who took Rick Rosenboom.) I was sure I was heading to Lana Barriball Frake's house. It was going to be a grand time of fun and frolicking. I imagined April was going, too as she and  Diana were friends. The excitement was building. Then... Dad walked in the gym.

Dad!  What? He was barely recognizable, covered head to toe in Carhart. Our names were called and off we went.  As far as Dad knew, he was a Superhero that day. He claimed us, loaded us into a grain truck and we took the scariest three mile ride our short lives (I did have a recent I-80 experience that matched it a few years ago.) 

Dad was nerves and concentration.  We were quiet... due to the disappointment combined with fear. I am pretty sure we prayed. It was a long, slow three miles and the long driveway meant getting home was not the end of the stress. I am sure for Dad, it was much better, once he knew we were on our own lane were no other drivers would offer danger in the blinding conditions. 

Weather radar has changed our lives for the better. Science allows for better travel, better choices and a warning that makes even ugly weather more bearable.  Now... the availability of eggs and milk can be predicted by weather radar. Right? I do it, too. If we are getting snowed in, we need eggs and milk. We can survive with the basic necessities and do a little backing to keep us busy. 

Today, as we approach Christmas, I wonder if I would have made my way to the manger. There was no warning... old prophecy but not a real warning.  Would I have missed Jesus?

From the end of the Old Testament to the beginning of the new, we can count that for 400 years God was silent.  Not absent, Not withdrawn. Not MIA... but silent. He was beyond frustrated and is infinitely patient as only an eternal being can be. 

His people had failed to trust him again and again.  There was an attention deficit in their souls that meant if he wasn't doing things the way they wanted, the people would forget about hm and abandon his laws and his ways. A holy being can only tolerate so much. His big move was silence.  Still present... but silent.  

The "Genealogy of Jesus" found in Matthew is rich for the character of those listed and the surprises found there. Some believed and remained faithful, when others lost interest in the God of the universe or stopped believing in Him at all. Many no longer feared his name or his expectations that they follow his law. They worshiped things, themselves, statues, wealth and power. They were too busy... too important... and too self absorbed. Where would I have stood? It makes me shudder.

This year... more than ever... I think there is an awareness that things prophesied are once again coming to pass and being fulfilled. It has been more than 2000 years. Are we too busy... too important... and so self absorbed that we miss or ignore the "radar"? 

We will once again pause for Christmas, but will we miss the manger. Our nativity will once again contain our family... and some will have a T-Rex, too. Our God... we do not always understand his ways, but we know that he keeps his promises. Wise men today, will search their hearts, the scriptures and watch the skies. The time is closer than it has ever been. 

Today, I am grateful for weather radar and reminders that our God was... God is... and will continue to be. He likes us to think of him as "I AM" and trust him when he says "I AM with you."

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