Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cubs Heading to the World Series

Daily Gratitude-Year 4 Day 295: Today, I am grateful that the Cubbie's have made it to the World Series.
I grew up knowing you had to choose between the Cubs and the White Sox. I was stunned when we moved to the Peoria area that the Cardinals and the Cubs were the teams of choice. The White Sox fans are scarce around here.
The best thing about a Cubs fan is the depth of loyalty that has been passed on from generation to generation in many families. Fickle is not in theirvocabulary. I love that about them.
I love that they started the season with "Try not to suck" t-shirts and took it one game at a time. This whiteboard drawing by Joe Madden is the best! It was from a team meeting and there is a great article to go with it here:
This image is showing up on t-shirts (Thanks for sharing the story link Lee Hoffman). Smart Leadership. A great team. One game at a time. Keep your eye on the real goal and plug away one day at a time. Work hard. Try not to suck.
Central Illinois is home to Ben Zobrist - so number 18 is a fan favorite. The Cubs team has been amazing to a little boy in our community who chose to have his glass eye to be the Cubs logo. He is a little boy of great faith and happens to be a Zobrist (a cousin). The Cubs and ESPN have made him feel so special during this amazing and memorable season. The entire community has had our hearts lifted by the journey of a little guy who lost an eye to cancer, but presses on...with his family... with hope and faith every day.
It is a game. I know that. But the excitement of the possibilities makes it hard not to smile. They have stayed true to the goal...and pressed on.
I am not going to add a spiritual twist. Every player on both teams has loved ones, fans and people rooting for them. (There is a Cleveland Indian who played with Chase in our backyard... and his sweet Mama wants it for her baby, too).
I am grateful for the good that comes from organized sports. Fans can become friends and even create a sense of family as they cheer on their team. I long to see this be the year of the big win.
One game at a time.
Today, I am grateful that the Cubbie's have made it to the World Series.

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