Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fancy Banners

Daily Gratitude-Year 4 Day 296: Today, I am grateful for fancy banners and that His banner over me is love.

I just read a brief report on a study that showed that people learned better while doodling. They retain what they learn if they doodle while they listen. It engages different parts of the brain.  I am not surprised.  I was always a doodler. Imagine my joy when I discovered "Bible Journaling"? My Bibles were already full of color. Highlighters and pens of every color. Images were the next step. 

My sister, April, was the one with the degree in Art... a natural and an educated artist. My doodles did not compare. Still, I have grown to believe that in His image - each one of us needs to create something "beautiful'. From a perfectly balanced spreadsheet to a field of corn... we each have a God breathed need to create. 

I am working on my courage to draw a little more freehand. My art teacher friend has a great quote about how we all have thousands of bad images in us to get out. I am working on mine. There are some good ones sprinkled in between. Michelangelo once said that his art would not be so impressive if people knew the work that went into each piece. I will never be a Michelangelo - but doodling is fun. 

I am grateful for this simple tutorial on creating a "fancy banner". I can't wait to try it out. A banner is a declaration. A new business. A new mascot unveiled.  A shoe sale. "Just Married".A banner says, "Look!" It is a visual declaration. 

My brain wandered to the scriptures I have stored there. This one came to mind:

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.-Song of Solomon 2:4

"His banner over me is love." What a beautiful image that creates. Remember the children's Bible song, "His Banner Over me is Love"?    

"The Lord is mine and I am His,
His banner over me is love."

Earworm woke up and will will likely sing this all day. 

Tonight... Cubs fans everywhere are hoping to fly the "W" banner in declaration of a "Win".  The banner a sign of celebration, allegiance and a long awaited journey coming into fruition. 

Correction...Earworm just changed songs. "Go, Cubs Go. Hey, Chicago what do you say?"

Today, I am grateful for fancy banners. and that His banner over me is love. And.. a Cubs win tonight would be grand!

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