Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Worth Waiting For...

Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 290: Today, I am so grateful for things that are worth the wait. 

Randy and I have discovered the joy of the French Press coffee. About a year ago, we started to use it as part of our morning ritual. Randy at first objected, thinking I didn't need to go to the trouble, when the Keurig was fast and easy. 

Still, the flavor is incomparable.  Better.  The "bitter" becomes smooth. The flavor is rich. For those who love coffee, it is worth a try. For those who want to love coffee, try it. It takes a few minutes  (about 5 minutes more) more than a K-cup, but the wait has become part of the ritual and it is eco-friendly and inexpensive. The wait is part of the process. 

I forget that wait time is not wasted time. It is often God brewing a blessing. 

Waiting for the right job.
Waiting for the right marriage partner.
Waiting for the right house to come up for sale.
Waiting on the right time to plant or harvest.
Waiting on the right person to share a business partnership.

Waiting for any good thing to come to fruition... the wait is part of the process.

Waiting is, also, a part of the harder times.

Waiting for test results.
Waiting to feel well again after sickness.

Waiting to fit in to a new work position.
Waiting to feel a part of a faith community.

Waiting to really feel accepted by your marriage family.
Waiting for a a spouse... or waiting for a clear message of singleness.
Waiting for a trial to end.  

Waiting for the rain to stop.

In the wait... God instructs us to "be strong" but not until after he reminds us to wait.

Wait for the Lordbe strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!-Psalm 27:14

That is such a great verse. This past year, I have discovered that the Hebrew/Greek scriptures have different words for "wait". I was thrilled to discover this was the same "wait" I had studied earlier this year. Now this verse means so much more!

"Qavah" in Hebrew (Kava or Kavah in English) means "to wait". But,  it is an active form of waiting.  Yes! The waiting is part of the process. Note the scripture has two semicolons. TWO!  Actively and expectantly wait by wrapping and binding ourselves to the Lord. 

I am still brewing the image of "steeping" ourselves in the Lord like brewing tea or waiting on the French Press.  The wait is part of the process.  The "pause" gives us time to bask in the knowledge that the wait will end and there are good things to come. There is pleasure in the pause.

There are things worth waiting for and the wait is relationship building. The wait is binding and holds expectation of good things to come. We can trust His timing. 

Today, I am so grateful for things that are worth the wait. 

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