Thursday, October 6, 2016

Photo Love

Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 280: Today, I am grateful for chances to love my people with photos.

Mama was not a picture taker. Being frugal and photos were considered expensive, she only took pictures when dad said, "Get the camera.". So, we simply do not have pictures a plenty, except for the pictures of tractors, cars, trucks and new wagons. 

In this digital age...the one I was drug into kicking and screaming... I find that we have not excuse to NOT take pictures. Except when people refuse to let us. 

My rule (the one I am breaking with today's image) is that I will not post a share a picture unless to my eye the subject looks good. This means I rarely do a "selfie" (I always feel a little silly) - but as I was writing this gratitude post, I was once again reminded that the one who prefers to be behind the camera, must practice what she preaches. Pictures matter. Relationships matter. Reminders of fun and laughter count. 

This image was taken by the love of my life. I asked him to hold the camera and bag for obvious reasons. I needed one hand to hold my nose. I walked out and realized I was "on the red carpet" and he was the paparazzi. Okay, so it isn't a red carpet affair, but believe me, I was happy to be standing where I was! 

We are so fortunate to have a camera in hand with our phones every day. Used with kindness - a photo can be a gift. Sometimes it brings laughter and other times tears. Sometimes we laugh until we cry. It is all good.  

I am still completing my project of 7 ( I have four to go) days of images of Randy and I together.  As I stumble on them, I will.  I love my guy and our children may want to have pictures of us as a couple someday. I know this image will be a gem.

When taking photos ... for most it will be with a camera on their phone... shoot for the heart. Snap the images that make an impression on your soul. Seniors in love. Babies in wonder. Toddlers in trouble. Teens in transition. Newlyweds and oldie-weds. Life is a story. 

God gives us our days one at a time. Savor the simple. Celebrate the good. Comfort the sad. Encourage all you can. Use a photograph to capture it all. 

It is right for me to feel this way about you all, because I hold you in my heart, -Philippians 1:7a

This scripture sums up why I love a photograph.  Paul was writing a letter to send his love and encouragement. (A written note is a bigger gift then ever in this digital age.) The people I shoot with my camera are the ones I hold in my heart... I am sending a similar message. I want to capture the relationship, the fun and the time spent together and keep it close. Our photos become a huge part of keeping our memories. 

Now... if I can get them off the camera. I need to get better at that part of it!  

Today, I am grateful for chances to love my people with photos.

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