Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Speech Clarification Devices

Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 279: Today, I am grateful for speech clarification devices.

Imagine knowing exactly what you want to say, but those around you struggle to understand. Family members and close friends can usually "get it" but others struggle.
Most know that communication for most people is a struggle at times. This National Down Syndrome awareness month. I am so grateful for the new technology that helps unlock communication for the special humans with this diagnosis.
I grew up with Mickey. Mickey was mom's cousin's son and he had Down's Syndrome. Mom's little sister, Helen, had brain damage from a high fever. Both had communication struggles at times. I am grateful that they were patient with us as we figured things out. Sometime, they reverted to "simple language" we could understand, because it was easier than waiting us to figure out the actual word were trying to find. Mickey's speech was impaired by the physical challenges Down's Syndrome presents. Aunt Helen has clear speech, but struggles to find the word or get the expression the way she wants it.
This video was shared with a smile for permission room Wendy Sauder. Meet Joshua. I can't wait until he arrives in Jr. High as I have had the joy of knowing his older siblings Caleb and Tori. In the beginning, I didn't know they had a little brother with special needs. I should have seen the signs. Their kindness, grace and maturity beyond their years comes partially from faith... but much comes from the lessons learned when families embrace their loved one with challenges. Like my mom and her siblings, I am sure they have grown up being more focused on team work vs. individual success. Siblings of children with special needs are at times the unsung heroes, so today i will offer them some applause. Now back to Joshua (one of my favorite names).
Joshua has a device in this video that allows him to say exactly what he wants to say. Big words? No problem. Rhythm in speech. Got it covered. The device is an aide so the rest of us can hear all of what is in his heart, not just the parts easily understood when Joshua speaks.
This video brought me to tears. If only, when Aunt Helen was relearning speech, she had had such a device. She could have been bossy so much earlier (my family will laugh at this). We ALL adore her.
Again...thank you God for the creative minds that invent these kinds of things. We were created to create. Thank you, Lord, for Joshua's taste of success. Thank you for letting us hear all that is in his mind and heart. -Amen
Today, I am grateful for speech clarification devices.

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