Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ina Kimble

Daily Gratitude Year 5- Day 119: Today, I am grateful for the life of Ina Kimble.

One of my best friends, DeAnn, will honor her mother's life with her family today. Ina Kimble lived out the very verse we talked about yesterday. 

Ina F. KimbleTherefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. -Ephesians 5:1-2

DeAnn and I were destined to be friends and her presence in my life has been a beautiful part of what has made Morton home. God brought us together and made sure our paths crossed enough to stick to make us stick. Our common ground is rich. One of our first "imagine that" moments was the realization we both had mothers named "Ina". How many Ina's do you know? Today, I am grateful for her Ina. 

Ina Kimble was a women who lived her life in a way that is rare for most of us. As far as I can figure, from the evidence I have seen and heard... Ina lived every season of her life to the fullest! She didn't hurry and waste the one she was in longing for the next. She had kind of a calm acceptance of where she was, without fretting what came next. She often sat quiet in a crowd... a watcher of people... and embraced the moments. Smiling, calm and gentle is how I will remember her. She was always glad to be "at the party".

I can learn a great deal from her legacy. 

When she was considered late to the marriage table by many... she enjoyed life as a single working woman,  enjoying the family she had. Not wishing away the days longing for other things. A practical woman from the stories I've heard and the things I've seen. Ray must have taken her by surprise. 

When she married the love of her life, Ray, she had an extended "newlywed season" while they waited, hoped and prayed for the blessing of a child. I imagine she had days she longed know if that prayer would be answered with a "yes", but from her character, I imagine she just pressed on. What a gift and delight DeAnn's arrival must have been. Again, she lived in the moment. 

Cooking, sewing, hand-crafting from yarn and loving Ray, DeAnn, her family, her church and the Lord were her daily life. What a gem! Each season for her seemed just a little bit longer than others 
received, except the short 43 years before she whispered "See you in heaven." to Ray. 

Oh, what a rich legacy of love, service and a fragrant offering. Dinner with Grandma Ina on Tuesdays... a family thing... a reflection of a full life and love poured out returning to warm the final season of her earthly life. God's reward for her faithfulness. 

When DeAnn married the love of her life, Timm, Ina was blessed with a full, boisterous, creative and wonderful quiver of grandchildren. Samantha and the grandsons kept her entertained and made her feel treasured. Brady... the great grandson.. the cherry on top of a pretty sweet life. Not a perfect life, but a life embraced and full of grace. 

Ina's life, like any life, had the good, the bad, the hard, the sad and the celebratory. Family was her heartbeat. DeAnn is her mother's daughter, passing on light, love and service to the next generation. She has left a fragrant offering.
Thank you Ina for the lessons taught and the example to watch.
Thank you for your sweet scent that will remain long after we say "until we meet again".
Today, I am grateful for the life of Ina Kimble.

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