Monday, April 24, 2017


Daily Gratitude Year 5- Day 114: Today, I will choose to be grateful for the "now". 

Today is a Monday in front of another full weekend. 

I need the reminder to pause; gratitude for this day is not enough, it is a precious part of the gift.

The "nows" of the weekend included: time with friends who are family, time with lifetime friends and an old neighbor who became a friend for life.  Add in two family birthdays,  two bridal showers to celebrate love chosen, time with sons by birth and in love, a date with my husband and some of my favorite men and Anna, a long wait for dinner meant time to really catch up and a wee bit of playing with pictures. The weekend went so fast, but it was rich in "nows".

Now, on the precipice of a new week, I want to intentionally take in   moments. I do not want to lust for the future, but to live life fully on this day. To live in full gratitude for each moment .  Not just grateful for the gift, but in the gift. 

Today, I will choose to be grateful for the "now ".

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