Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Robin

Daily Gratitude Year 5- Day 98: Today I am grateful that 24 years ago, Chase brought home "My Robin" and we kept her.
Chase met Robin at our friends Mindy and Carl's wedding. It was a great weekend that has led to a beautiful marriage. Chase didn't arrive with a date... he was one at the time... but he left with one of the first great loves of his life.
She took him fishing, star watching and rock collecting. They talked about important things like dinosaurs and God. She made sure he saw the miracle of newborn kittens.
It just dawned on me that it was likely Chase who made it a family thing to call unrelated people that are family "mine". By love and by choice.
Robin and my Jill made the trip to Clifton when my sister April died... and stayed. They hadn't lost siblings but they knew that just being "with us" was a comfort. Not what they said... just the companionship.
She came when Jill died... and was just with us.
Today, we will return the chance to just be "with her" as she has lost her brother. Together is the best place to be. A sister of the heart and hers is full of compassion.
Darrin was blessed to have her with him through the hardest parts of cancer... and she was with him as he made his way to the cross of Christ. He found peace in knowing death no longer could claim the victory.
Today, there will be some tears, but there will be joy and hope. There will be memories collected and shared.
Cancer may claim some battles but Love wins in the end.
"Where, oh Death, is your victory? Where is your sting? Death has been swallowed up in victory" -amen
Our God wants to adopt us into his family where we need never be alone or lonely again.
Heaven's reunions will be so sweet. Until we meet again... God supplies our need for family.
Today, I am grateful that 24 years ago, Chase brought home "My Robin" and we kept her. It is an honor to be with her.

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