Saturday, August 5, 2017

Pearls and Promises

Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 217: Today, I am grateful for pearls and promises.

This picture (use with permission by Epic Vision Portraits) I would title "Pearls and Promises". 

Pearls are made by the discomfort of sand in the oyster's shell. Pain endured with grace results in beauty. The bracelet was a gift from her love. 

The "hello love" is full of promise and claiming love. 

The diamond... unique...old and created under pressure and with time. Pressure endured results in something not just beautiful, but incredibly strong. Is it any wonder man has chosen the diamond as the traditional wedding ring stone? Added features include that it is reflective of light and can even cast a rainbow of color. One diamond seller's tagline is "A diamond is forever." It is a promise made to be kept.

The Bible... carried by the bride's mother and grandmother... added to the love story of another generation. It is God's love story between him and mankind. It, too, hold promises that will be honored and kept. These are just "little details"... but they are now forever a part of their special day.  

Part of growing in faith is realizing that God has a big picture and our story is a part of that story. Still, He is in the details. He created us to love the art of the details. He is a God of pearls and promises kept. He moves in his time... but he doesn't fail. 

"With a strong hand and an outstretched arm, for his steadfast love endures forever;" -Psalm 136:12

A strong hand... taken by another.
An outstretched arm... waiting for a response.
A steadfast choice to love... that weathers all seasons.
A forever promise.
Love endures much... and celebrates forever.

Today, I am grateful for pearls and promises.

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