Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Grateful Spot

Daily Gratitude Year 4- Day 204: Today, I am grateful for my cousin Tara...and the organ donor...and her new life. 

This is my cousin Tara. She is the daughter of "Aunt Mama" Bonnie. I look like her mother and she...from a distance...walks and carries herself much like my mother. No, we weren't switched at birth. Tara's dark hair makes us very different...but we do share the hazel green eyes. 

Tara just posted this selfie and it literally filled my eyes with tears. I think she is so beautiful. With failed kidneys, dialysis and all that goes with it... Tara's strength has been tested and at times, she has been exhausted. She was fighting for life ever day. She was covered in prayers and fought the battle day by day. 

This past spring - the call came. It was not the first time they had the call. They let you know one may be available, but then there is testing for compatibility. The organ goes to the person at the top of the list who is compatible. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. She never gave up. Never gave in. 

The news she was really getting the kidney started a whole new chain of prayers. These continue to be answered as she heals and gains new strength week by week. 

Then yesterday, she posted this "selfie". I cried. Her skin is glowing, again. Her eyes have sparkle and the whites of her eyes are so healthy. My cup overflows that she will continue to raise her children, love her husband, treasure her family and they will never forget that every day is a gift. 

I am grateful for the donor and try to remember to pray for the grief in the hearts of the donors family. I am grateful for the Kidney Transplant Team at Barnes in St. Louis. I the kinds of people who work in those units. Their compassion and care gave her hope and courage. 

I am grateful for the hand of God that guided surgeons, care givers and all who took part in Tara's miracle. I am grateful for her church and church family. I know has been a source of refuge on the hardest, scariest days of the journey. 

Today, I am grateful for my cousin Tara...and the organ donor...and her new life. 

Winnie the Pooh has his thinking spots. For me, this photo is a celebration of restoration. It is a grateful spot. 

Today, I am grateful for my beautiful cousin Tara...and the organ donor...and her new life. 

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