Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Visionary Men

Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 185: Today, I am grateful for the visionary men who sacrificed time, resources and for some... their lives. Freedom isn't free. 

It is so easy to forget the birth pains of this nation. We remember the victories and even some of the big losses, but do we remember the persistence, thoughtful deliberation and the compromises made to for these United States?

Each state has a unique set of resources, crops and industry. The people are as diverse as the landscapes. A common language but they certainly different accents and phrases unique to a particular region. Do You drink pop, soda, soda pop or a coke?

Different yet all "Americans". The fabric of this nation is richly woven with the colors, the cultures and the traditions of the many people that came to make it their home. We are different but one.

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our nation. We have made it another year. We should not take any birthday for granted.
Today, I am grateful for the founding fathers and praying for the state of the Union today.

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