Friday, February 17, 2017

60 Degrees

Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 48: Today, I am grateful for 60 Degrees.

We are looking at a weekend with true spring like temperatures. How I love sixty degrees.  Actually, my perfect weather zone would be 50-80 degrees with most days between 65 and 75 degrees... and sunny. I am not asking for much, right? 

Moderate temperatures are perfect for a long walk. 
Moderate temperatures are great for outdoor chores.
They are a bonus for those who run or bike.
They begin to warm the ground for sleeping life or new seed. 

I relish the promise of Spring breathed into a Winter's day. 

Today... I will seek out the sun to warm my face... and the Son to guide my way. 

Thank you, Lord, for giving the joy enhancing gift of 60 degrees... on a weekend. What extra sweetness that brings to the gift! 

Today, I am grateful for 60 Degrees.

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