Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Glory of Love

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Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 45: Today, I am grateful for the glory of love.
Yes... I know the Peter Cetera song from The Karate Kid movie. We saw that movie on July 11, 1986. A year before we married. Today... I received the most amazing gift. A personalized book... written by My Randy. It is full of the glory of love. I do love this guy.
I am a little late this morning so the post will be short. Today I am savoring the glory of being loved for many years. Through all of life's seasons. Through the laughter, through the tough times, through the dreams come true and those adjusted and the sweetness of love that has aged.
TV commercials makes us long for our younger versions. Not today. I love this day. This moment is sweet. Every shared memory a treasure. I have the coolest new book. First edition. Rare. Priceless!!!
He beat me to the finish line for writing a book. I may carry it in my purse for weeks.
It makes me realize how God must feel when we glory in his love. I'm not perfect ... far from it...and I am feeling pretty special because of love ❤️.
Today, I am grateful for the glory of love... and my Randy.

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