Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mama Ina Mae

Daily Gratitude Year 5- Day 134: Today, I am grateful for Mama.

Today... it was breakfast with Mama and little brother, too. What a delight it is to sit around a table and share. To remember and to catch up. Both are good. 

Mama has a delightful daily dining partner in the lovely Lois Parrish. This morning, we connected a few dots and discovered that she was cousin to one and  friends with several of the guys on the Youth for Christ Board when they started it so many years ago. That was the one time that Mom was on the board and Dad was along for the ride. They both enjoyed it. 

Mom smiles to think that the Youth for Christ clubs are still alive and well in the area with some amazing leadership. Both of Matt's girls were involved... nieces and friends children. For some, it is the first real brush with the gospel. For others, it is mid-week encouragement. 

I am grateful for her life that has been an example of Proverbs 31. Dad was blessed with the best. April, Matthew and I knew we were loved and treasured. Her patience and genuine loving kindness makes her a tough act to follow. She delighted in the daily tasks of being a mother and farm wife. Sunday was her favorite day... I think it still is. Worship and fellowship go hand in hand. She played the organ, taught the little ones and savored all that the Sabbath would bring, including time with her family in Kankakee. 

Her children rise up and call her blessedher husband also, and he praises her-Proverbs 31:38

She is a blessing. 

The image is one I made a while back to go with a different post. It is perfect for Mother's Day. The love of learning is a passion she instilled in all of us. Learning means we are staying sharp and growing. Some of the best educations are not formal. They come from observing, evaluating and choosing if it is worth keeping. 

Mama had dreams of being  a nurse... but embraced being a teacher in the music studio, in the Sunday School Room and around the family table.  

Today, I am grateful for Mama.

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