Monday, May 29, 2017

Moments Captured in Photographs

Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 149: I am grateful for captured moments in photographs.

My poor family endures endless pictures. Photography is a hobby and a passion, and they are my favorite subjects. 

It is official. Chase has had enough photos to last him for the next decade, but I am so grateful they took so many on their special day. I am grateful for each precious, fleeting moment captured. 

One of the greatest gift technology has given us is the photograph. We can capture real details in a picture that once required an artist's hand to paint. I loved my first SLR... a Canon rebel that Randy purchased for me as a gift. Film and "free extra prints" at developing. It was "the good old days". 

Today, we take more pictures, but many are never printed. It was one of my great fears of going digital... and my concerns were valid as I don't print as often or as many as I should. I know some fun Apps will do it for you each month. I need to look into that, except, I am a camera snob. I like my DSLR camera photos best. Still... as a wise person once said... "The best camera is the one in your hand." A camera at home is useless.

Captured moments... precious, fleeting and over in a blink. The ones we capture in a photograph, we can take out and treasure again and again. 

Another cute saying:"If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be one it.". A picture on the refrigerator says "you matter to me". 

We capture the little details of life in a picture. That is one of the sweet benefits of a cell phone. You always have a camera. I need to use mine more. Of course, that would mean I would have to know where it was and be able to find it in my purse. I rarely had it in my hand at the wedding. We were busy in the moment. I didn't want to miss the moments because I was fussing with the camera. 

Balance is good in all things. Pictures remind us what is important... and what is not. 

Hairstyles and clothing styles change with the season. The faces and the emotions captured are timeless. I love that we do so many "emotion" images in this generation of photography. 

As I look at this image... my heart is full. How do words even come close to capturing what this moment feels like?

A picture is worth a thousand words. This one is priceless.

On special days... like days of making a new marriage covenant... we put on our best clothes to make the best presentation to each other and to God. It is not about the clothes... but the clothes and the splendor are part of the offering. Bringing our best to each other and to the One who created man and woman for the marriage union. How beautiful is the gift! How great the joy!

"and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator." Colossians 3:10

New roles... a new name for the bride... and a new life as one devoted to each other. May God grant you mory years than tears and more life than strife, but most of all... may he keep you serving together... tenderly held in the palm of His hand. 

I am grateful for captured moments in photographs.

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