Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Stapler Lesson

Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 137: Today, I am grateful the stapler. 

Probably the most borrowed item on my desk is the stapler. In fact, I have "Stolen from Valerie" written on my stapler and my scissors.  My stapler holds things together. Things I don't want separated or lost. Things that my not be awe inspiring or special but, many are required or help maintain order. Life is full of pieces. A stapler helps keep things in order. I have never given thanks for this often under-relished tool. 

My scrapbook supplies have pretty colored staples used to attach ribbon and other things. Because staples are small, readily available and inexpensive, the are easy to keep stocked. I don't have to save up for staples. 

Earworm is awake this morning. He is singing, "Love Will Hold Us Together" by Matt Maher. 

Don't have a job
Don't pay your bills
Won't buy you a home in Beverly Hills
Won't fix your life in five easy steps
Ain't the law of the land or the government
But it's all you need, even now, let's see
Love will hold us together
Make us a shelter weather the storm
And I'll be my brothers keeper
So the whole world will know that we're not alone  

I guess Earworm thinks love is kind of like a stapler. Earworm might be right. 

Simple logic, right? 

Love is like a stapler.  God is love. Therefore- God is like a stapler. 

For those who have known real trials... and honestly,  isn't that all of us at one time or another... love does hold us together. Sometimes, His love is expressed through loved ones. Other times, he may send a complete stranger. It is that whisper that says: "Keep together." "This too shall pass" and "Don't give up."  "Don't quit. You are almost there."

When we act in love toward another struggling, we may be the stapler that keeps them from falling apart. We are called to be his hands, his feet, his eyes... and just maybe... act as a stapler. 

The unappreciated stapler needs no accolades. It just keeps doing what it was created to do. Holding things together is in it's design, but it does require a little pressure from a mighty hand. 

Indeed. Love is like a stapler. He stirs us with His unfailing love and mighty hand. Add a little pressure and the staple is set in place. Nothing falls apart or to pieces. 

Look at your stapler with new eyes this morning. Love others with a renewed heart. Your love might be the hand of God in their lives. 

"Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love." -1 John 4:8

Today, I am grateful for the lesson from my stapler. 

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