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Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 82: Today... I am grateful for anchors.

One of the most adventurous things we have ever done was sailing from Coconut Grove, FL to the Bahamas on a 42 foot sailboat. Crazy? I'd never even been on a sailboat. 

The captain and cook, the two of us... and another couple had the adventure of a lifetime. 
One of the things we learned quickly was the importance of the anchor. When anchored, we could relax and enjoy what was around us. 

The anchor was such a small thing, but it made all the difference as to whether we were at work and watchful... or at rest. Funny thing is, we couldn't even see it doing it's best work. 

The anchor did what anchors do... and we learned to trust it. 

Learning to trust the unseen isn't always easy. Children do it better than grown ups. Is it life that steals our faith... or is it putting our faith in the wrong things?

Anchors allow us to rest. They, also, help us ride out the storm. Making anchor 

The image has a piece of scripture from Hebrews 6. As I explored the many translations, this one from the J.B. Phillips New Testament seemed the perfect choice. Since the passage is from Hebrews, we know that it was written primarily to those with Jewish heritage so that they might see Jesus through the things they knew, but did not yet understand. 

 Among men it is customary to swear by something greater than themselves. And if a statement is confirmed by an oath, that is the end of all quibbling. So in this matter, God, wishing to show beyond doubt that his plan was unchangeable, confirmed it with an oath. So that by two utterly immutable things, the word of God and the oath of God, who cannot lie, we who are refugees from this dying world might have a source of strength, and might grasp the hope that he holds out to us. This hope we hold as the utterly reliable anchor for our souls, fixed in the very certainty of God himself in Heaven, where Jesus has already entered on our behalf, having become, as we have seen, “High Priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek”. -Hebrews 6:16-20 (Phillips)

What does that last line mean? Under the Law of Moses, Jesus did not qualify for priesthood because he was not a descendant of Aaron. In Hebrews, Jews considering Jesus as Lord are reminded of Melchizedek, another priest who did not come from the house of Aaron. No... Jesus came from the line of David... who was from the line of Judah. 

In another twist... or piece of the puzzle as I like to view it... the valid Kings of Israel were of the lion of Judah. At Jesus death, the curtain into the "Holy of Holies",accessible only to the Israelite high priests ripped. 

The Lamb of God... the Lion of Judah... was the sacrifice, the King and the door to redemption. This time, no curtain. All invited to enter into his presence with a sincere and seeking heart the only real requirement. Pretty amazing. 

He is our anchor. The cross made the way for us to make it through any storm. I am learning that it is more of a portal than a door. (That will keep Dr. Who TARDIS fans pondering a bit.) Jesus knocks on the door to our hearts and we must choose to let him in. He provides the portal into new life. Eternal life. 

To the criminal on the cross beside Jesus... the one who confessed and believed... death became a door. "Today, you will be with me."

Our God is not limited by silly things like time and space. My human mind can't really fathom it all. But... Jesus is the anchor. We can be steadfast. 

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.-James 1:12

Today, I am grateful for anchors and that we have an anchor.

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