Thursday, March 9, 2017

Strong Women

Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 68: Today, I am grateful for strong women. 

Where would we be without the strong women? The ones who raise us. The ones who inspire us. Mine have helped define me.

My Great Grandmother Christine Palm Lindgren who took an immigrants boat through Ellis Island from Sweeden. She hopped on a train and met Grandpa at the train station in Chicago. She married him that day at the courthouse across the street. They couldn't afford two hotel rooms.

My Grandma Mabel Daschner Lindgren... a force of nature. That is all I am going to say about that. 

My Grandma Marge... who survived some pretty tough stuff, but did not let her heart grow bitter. God blessed her with Grandpa's Lindgren's love and devotion, despite her efforts to resist his charms. Happy, mature and until one placed other in the loving arms of God love.

My Grandma Opal Maxine was quiet strength and love. She kept Aunt Helen home when most would have institutionalized her after brain damage from illness. She was encouraged by doctors to do so. Grandma dug in her heals. Aunt Helen grew into a vibrant, productive woman who has worked over 40 years at the local Community Workshop for special needs people.  She is special! She is strong. She works. She loves. She lives. Two strong women there. 

My Mama... her mother's daughter... quiet strength but don't let that make you think she is a push over. She IS her mother's daughter. As Mama in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" taught, "The man may be the head of the house, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants." I am not sure Dad ever figured that out. 

My Mother-in-law... she was grace when her heart was broken... and when her body that failed her, too. She let Jesus be her Lord and the great love of her life. 

Strong women can be ladies. 
Strong women can say "Thank You"  when a door is opened for them.
Strong women stay up late and get up early to take care of their home and family.
Strong women don't need to be bossy.
Strong women don't need to be dramatic.
Strong women choose love. 
Strong women can be delicate but not fragile.
Strong women can be 6 feet tall and fashionably choose high heals. 
Strong women are confident, not arrogant.
Strong women can choose to live fully... even when they are dying. 
Strong women begin the day in prayer and end it the same way. 
Strong women are determined, not defeated.

Strong women just might secretly rule the world. 

I want to honor the strong women in my life. I want to life every day in a way that chases Proverbs 31. Esther inspires me. Ruth was simply amazing. No one is perfect but we all keep trying.  

Thank goodness for the girlfriends... the other strong women who help us along when we are too tired to keep up with the speed of life. 

Yesterday was International Women's Day. My friend Susan had a friend post the Wonder Woman picture. Kenzie Marie ... some girls have capes. 

Today, I am grateful for strong women. 

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