Sunday, March 5, 2017


Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 64: Today, I am grateful for the moments we stand before a door and know that "this is the moment we were created for."

Yesterday was a big day in my hometown. Our MHS Girl's basketball team won their third back to back State title. Crazy fun for this small town. 

I am not a  basketball fan, but I am a fan of kids who are diligent, work hard and listen to their coach. I am a fan of these girls... and their team... and their coaches. 

Coach Bob Becker was the PE coach for my boys in grade school. It was fun to see both sides of him back in those days. The coach capable of leading a team of a state title... and the "Coach B" that all the kids loved. 

Kids are great at character assessment. With Coach Becker, they could try new things and it was okay if they weren't great at it. He was kind and encouraging. His life work has been building kids. What a fun thing it is to see him building athletes into champions... 3 years in a row. Wow! 

His wife is a doll. She and I have scrapbooked together when the kids were younger. She is a great photographer and her pages were beautiful. So many years have passed and many memories have been made for her family to record, but I can barely imagine how it felt for her and her family yesterday. (I forgot to mention that this year, he had his own two daughters on the team... and a son and wife in the stands.) It was a great weekend to be a Morton Potter. 

I can't imagine how it felt for him. Truly. Sometimes, doors open. Sometimes,  you work your tail off beating them down. Sometimes, you do all the work and don't quite achieve the desired goal.  

Still, those with character press on. A ton of work goes into a state championship. What a joy to experience not just one... but three in a row (and he had been there before several years ago). Their work paid off. 

I only watched on tv... or online... but the thing that impresses me when these girls take the court is their sense of calm. Seriously, they are not that tall as a team and they have faced some giants. But... they got out there and diligently did what they had trained to do. Even for those who don't love watching basketball... it is fun to see them work as a team to the end goal. Even on the news... the girls spoke of the "we" not the "me". 

Collaboration. Communication. Training. Trust. Tenacity. Hard work and belief. These things, as much as talent, has brought great reward. Everyone has a place - ready to do their part when called to action. That makes a team successful. 

I am thrilled for all of them. The courage to know it is your time and to do what it takes to make it happen reminds me of Esther. 

And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
-Esther 4:14b

Sometimes, we cannot even imagine what is on the other side of the door. We have a God ready to collaborate and communicate through prayer and his word. He wants to train us, but we must trust him with tenacity, work hard and believe. If we blow it... he forgives and we get grace to try again. I am grateful for grace and mercy. 

What doors do we stand before today. What training are we willing to do to prepare for the next door?  Preparation... faith and courage. We have the best coach.  

Today, I am grateful for the moments we stand before a door and know that "this is the moment we were created for."

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