Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Wishes for a special friend!

My dear friend is having a birthday on the 29th.  It was a great excuse to make some birthday cards.  Yes...I managed a girlfriend card with out using "Forever Young" on my Cricut.  I did use Storybook ( my other favorite)

I am happy with the results.  The colors are fun and fresh for Spring.  I am looking forward to warmer weather and it is showing in my projects. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Forever Young...Saturday Girls

I am going to have to put these girls back in the box and play with something new...I don't want to bore you. These are new cards that I made with this old favorite. I just love the Coredinations black/white core zebra print. It makes it more sassy.

I have not placed a sentiment inside - I thought about "Happy Birthday, from one fabulous babe to another!" or "Hang in there, sister!" for encouragement.

I love to add bling and the inside of the card needs more than just a sentiment (in my opinion). I love to bring the front of the card inside for artistic balance...and fun. After all...this is all about the love and the fun of playing with paper, scissors, glue, glitter, Cricut and Sizzix toys.

This black daisy paper from Making Memories is really easy to use on many different projects.

Use the "multiples" button on your Cricut and save yourself time. If you have some elements can put a card together in the wink of an eye and everyone will think you slaved over it all morning. (Remember the Rice Crispies comercial where the mom throws flour on her face before serving the Rice Crispies Treats? Same idea!)

As you can see...this is along the same theme. I made this for my closest girlfriend that is like a sister to me. We have been friends since college and have weathered lifes many storms together. She is 9 months older than me and I never let her foget it. She got married first...she had a baby first...and every year, she gets older first. She got a tickle out of it, as intended.

I hope you enjoy these girls and I promise the next time I will work from another Cricut cartridge.

Happy Saturday.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Forever Young" Cards

This is definitely one of my most used cartridges. I think the girls are so fun to dress and my favorite way to dress them is on a black silhouette.

The orange and pink graduation card has "Always remember your faith, your manners...and the way home. This is the custom quote over my back entrance that we all use. I think it is perfect for graduations.

The sentiment of this card speaks to my soul. Who wouldn't rather shop that exercise?

Whatever the reason, or the season...there is a lady in waiting on the "Forever Young" cartridge. I love to glitz and bling the clothes. My favorite technique to add glitter is to:

1. Run the image through the Xyron face down (yes....sticky will be on the front)

2. Take your Pampered Chef Scrapper or the one that comes in the Cricut assessory kit and rub it over the top of the images before removing the the top layer. (This rubbing process seems to insure the adhesive is well adhered to the back of your image and it comes off much cleaner)

3. Gently remove from the waxy paper and cover with glitter. This is the best and cleanest way I have found to get glitter that STICKS and STAYS. I highly recommed an ULTRAfine glitter like "Glitter Ritz"

4. Run the image through the Xyron a second time to achieve adhesive on the back.

5. Place on your project. Step back and admire your own creativity.

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More of Wedding Scraps

The Bride was so dear to my heart and I dug up this little "Letter from Jesus" that I found before I met my Hubby. It reminded me of her. They were engaged in Chicago and the pocket journaling allows a place for private thoughts and memories of their special night in Chi-town.

I simply adore the colors. One of my favorite shades of blue. I used Lyrical Letters, Sweethearts and Storybook for most pages. They are my go to cartridges for these kinds of albums.

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Wedding Scraps

This is a peek at one of my "famous" (at least in my church and circle of friends) wedding gift albums. I did NINE of these last summer...and at one point I did FIVE in FIVE weeks. Each is 20 pages long and designed with the couples colors and personalities in mind. I just loved the process - but pray I NEVER have to do that many again so close together. I wouldn't say I was burnt out on scrapping - because I never lost the passion - but I was exhausted from the process. Each album is a 15-20 hour process. I hope you enjoy looking.

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My Happy Colors Birthday Card

This is a birthday card I love. The colors make m happy and the sheer ribbon was the perfect match.  Gotta love it when it all comes together.  Fushia, Pink, Orange, Yellow and a kiss of whimsy...hope you like it.

New to this Blog thing!

I am entirely confident that I have no idea what I am doing on a blog.  I want to learn to do this and to share my art from my heart.  If anyone actually looks at this, please be patient.  I am learning and growing in my technology skills...but it will take me a little time.  Hang with me or come back when I've got it figured out.  Wishing you blessing pressed down and your cup still running over.