Sunday, April 28, 2013

I wanna be like you!

Our friends Tonya and Ritchie have had Tyson for many years.  He is definitely an old dog...and a sweet one! Just recently, they decided to increase their family by four feet...and along came Maggie Jane.  She is one of thirteen puppies and a sweetie.  

I was thrilled to take some puppy pictures to treasure these memories for their family.  This photo embraces the way Maggie looks up to Tyson.  He is patient and good to his new little "sister". There are moments she brings out a little puppy in him and in a short time - they both need a nap.  

Our pets are precious and priceless. They add so much to our world. They love us when we are unlovable.  Trust us - even when we have failed them. They are full of personality and make us laugh...and give us a glimpse at unconditional love.  Are they worth the hassle?  We think so.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oh Brothers....

This is a layout from LOAD213...I get so much done in a Lay Out A Day  month.  I can't wait for May.

About this layout...

I love the story of brothers sharing a dream come true.  I don't love the idea of them jumping out of an airplane - but the desires of their heart made their "Jump"  such fun gifts to give.  They love being together.  I wish we saw Randy's family more- but they are in such far away places. We do make the most of the times we share.  The laughter is easy and the fun never ends.

I felt like I "built" this layout more than created it.   I just kept finding things to add to the page that seemed to fit.

I love the smiles...the energy...the focus on the dream fulfilled.  You are NEVER going to see me jumping out of an airplane unless it is on fire.  They would both love to do it again. Jan and I just smile...and pray. :) What dream come true...or bucket list item do you have to scrap?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Get A Clue...

Come along with me for a  fantastic adventure with Lain Ehmann.  It is the May 2013 Layout  A Day event.  31 days...31 prompts to inspire you...and if we stay "true to form" 6000+ layouts to savor. It is a wonderful month of inspiration and the sisterhood of scrapping will make you smile, laugh and maybe even shed a tear. It is good for the soul. to sign up.  You might see some familiar faces..or feet. :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Everything Changes in a Heartbeat...

This is a page from LOAD213 with Lain Ehmann.  It was a quickie and I am not sure I loved it at the time - but the prompt was to make a "Quilt" of right this what I did.

I love the quote...and the colors...and the photos are some recent favorites...but the page was far from my usual style.

Then it happened. A week ago Friday... everything changed.  My phone rang and on the other end was the news that my Dad was gone.

Dad had worked a full morning on the farm...tinkering with a new planter...moving tractors...surveying our land and chatting with my brother about the spring work that is nearly upon us.  He even burned some road ditches - a favorite task- so that they would grow back new and green for the spring.

Dad had recently been at a farm sale with a good friend.  They were well into their seventies...but they loved that they still had work to do.  They determined that they wanted "to die with their boots on, but they would like to wear out a couple more pairs."  He nearly died with his boots on...but Mom made him take them off for the afternoon naps in their bedroom off the kitchen.  He went to sleep and woke up in glory.  We are all so shocked.  Our gratitude is that he had no suffering and had a smile on his face when Mom found him.

He was a character...a storyteller...a pain at times(he taught me to be honest)...a tender heart and a passionate believer - so he only has great days ahead.  We will have some rough ones. Suddenly...I love this layout.

Savor the sweetness of each new day.  I am so glad we had chatted just a few days before and ending our conversation in "I Love You's".