Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Snake Charmer

My niece, Ciara, is the resident snake charmer and wrangler at her house.  They live in a lovely home next to a pheasant sanctuary.  My sister-in-law Jennifer adapted to farm life many years ago...but the move to this new house came with surprises...a plethora of snakes!  They love the long grasslands of the pheasant sanctuary.  My poor SIL hates them...the way I hate mice, so I understand her discomfort at them sunning themselves on her back patio when the days get warm. Snakes are my friend because they eat mice - an attitude I learned growing up on the farm.  

When Dad was alive- he used to pay her for each snake she caught and delivered to him.  I call it her "Snake Relocation Program". The snakes take care of mice and...double shudder...rats that sometimes hope to feast around the grain bins. I am so impressed by her take charge and take care of the problem attitude.  It is funny to see how her skills and determination have grown as she has developed a style.  I am simply amazed at her confidence and courage. She is a great example for her little sister and Kenzie sometimes  joins the hunt. 

Scrapbook question of the day:  What adventures can you have without leaving your porch, patio or front lawn?  Who exhibits acts of bravery in your world beyond what you would expect by outward appearances? My nieces can glitz and glam it up with the best of them - then throw up the pony tail and take on a snake! Perhaps you can conquer the toughest challenges in the laundry basket with great success. Maybe- you take on the rabbits who eat your landscaping and win.  What is your big adventure right at home?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Scrap your art out!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Farmer's Hat...

A farmer's hat is kind of his trademark.  It tells a great deal about him from the logo he sports on his hat.  What kind of tractor does he drive? Read the hat. What kind of seed does he plant? Check his hat! What pole barn does he build? It might be on the hat!  

Our dear Heather Dubarry over at ScrapHappy.org has been challenging us with some Texas influenced prompts this week.  One prompt was "hats".  Sure, JR Ewing wore a cowboy hat and Dad liked them, too, but the good old "farmer's hat" is what he wore every day of his life and my brother still does.

What "hats" do you wear?  Literally or what roles do you play?  it is a great way to take a random picture and tell a story. My favorite hats have animal print or gems (my Jill gave me a bedazzled hat that is one of my best treasures.  I wear it on my bad hair days to feel glamorous in spite of my hair wars. Hey...I think I have another story to be told.  

I'd love to hear if you have a hat inspired story. Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

He said...She said

The prompt for this page at LOAD513 was CONFLICT! It ended up being one of my favorite pages from the month. We are not fighters in our house.  We are not raised voice people.  We are bull headed and stubborn at times...blame it on our German/ Swedish heritage...but when we draw a line in the sand or dig in our heals...we are hard to move.

Randy and I have a fun disagreement going about audio books.  I say I have "read" it - after I have listened.  He recently discovered the joy of reading and loves his Kindle. He refuses to accept that I have read a book unless I sit an hold it in my hands and read with  my eyes.  We have had hours of fun arguing this point!  I even posted it to Facebook and I won!  He says that is because they are my friends.  Most are his friends too- and he is not on Facebook.

Is there a fun conflict in your world to journal?  Maybe one that is not so fun but worth putting down. Grab a photo you like and tell a story that shares who you are and what matters.  Our big debate is unimportant- but it reflects the fun we have and the way we can agree to disagree. Love stretches and grows with differing opinions.   He has every right to be wrong about my audio books.  :)  Love that man!

Happy Scrapping.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inspiration is everywhere!

June is  the month we have made most of our Florida trips.  It has been TOO long since we have seen family and played on the beach together.  Disney is always an added plus.  

Since creative arts are my passion- I am inspired by Disney's genius.  I borrow from their musical scores and quote their characters in my daily life and in my scrapbooks.  

I like the "wait and watch" approach they take at times when a new movie is released.  You never know what what phrase or character that the public will grab and make big.  You can guess..but who knew these seagulls would be a hit!
 Sometimes I find this truth crosses over into my scrapbooking...and even in the scriptures I read.  Sometime...something grabs you and you go with it!  The right place...the right time...the right words can make a difference in saying what you want to say.   

Look around you...listen...take in the colors, the melody and the words you hear.  Inspiration is everywhere!  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spiffy in a Jiffy

The prompt for this layout was a challenge to use "alibi" - I decided to do a bit of a self portrait page to tell the story of my love affair with make-up.  Questions like where were you?  What were you doing?  Why were you there at the time?  Did anyone see you?  Oh yes...I love a mystery.  

The evidence of my need to sparkle and NOT shine is told in this layout.  For me- it is all about the eyes.  This is a story my grand kids will giggle at when I am "old". Ha!  I am fine with gaining years -but I don't have to give up a little glamour in my days. 

What little detail of your life needs to be shared?  Do you have a way of doing something or a top priority in getting ready every day? I love the "Everyday 365"  embellishment.  It is not really the big events but the little details in everyday that make our world.  I'd love to hear what you create.