Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Snake Charmer

My niece, Ciara, is the resident snake charmer and wrangler at her house.  They live in a lovely home next to a pheasant sanctuary.  My sister-in-law Jennifer adapted to farm life many years ago...but the move to this new house came with surprises...a plethora of snakes!  They love the long grasslands of the pheasant sanctuary.  My poor SIL hates them...the way I hate mice, so I understand her discomfort at them sunning themselves on her back patio when the days get warm. Snakes are my friend because they eat mice - an attitude I learned growing up on the farm.  

When Dad was alive- he used to pay her for each snake she caught and delivered to him.  I call it her "Snake Relocation Program". The snakes take care of mice and...double shudder...rats that sometimes hope to feast around the grain bins. I am so impressed by her take charge and take care of the problem attitude.  It is funny to see how her skills and determination have grown as she has developed a style.  I am simply amazed at her confidence and courage. She is a great example for her little sister and Kenzie sometimes  joins the hunt. 

Scrapbook question of the day:  What adventures can you have without leaving your porch, patio or front lawn?  Who exhibits acts of bravery in your world beyond what you would expect by outward appearances? My nieces can glitz and glam it up with the best of them - then throw up the pony tail and take on a snake! Perhaps you can conquer the toughest challenges in the laundry basket with great success. Maybe- you take on the rabbits who eat your landscaping and win.  What is your big adventure right at home?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Scrap your art out!

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  1. Ewwwww! I don't like snakes or mice. Although my granddaughter had pet rats for awhile and I learned to love them. But I don't want to be near a wild one. Now mind you we live in a desert where there are lots of geikos, lizards that hang around our yards. Once in awhile you see a quail or two. But yesterday a tree squirrel was on our fence. That's very unusual in the city. I was too slow to get a photo, but it was exciting. I wish the girls were somewhere, like a farm, where they could enjoy all the nature. Excellent layout!