Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spiffy in a Jiffy

The prompt for this layout was a challenge to use "alibi" - I decided to do a bit of a self portrait page to tell the story of my love affair with make-up.  Questions like where were you?  What were you doing?  Why were you there at the time?  Did anyone see you?  Oh yes...I love a mystery.  

The evidence of my need to sparkle and NOT shine is told in this layout.  For me- it is all about the eyes.  This is a story my grand kids will giggle at when I am "old". Ha!  I am fine with gaining years -but I don't have to give up a little glamour in my days. 

What little detail of your life needs to be shared?  Do you have a way of doing something or a top priority in getting ready every day? I love the "Everyday 365"  embellishment.  It is not really the big events but the little details in everyday that make our world.  I'd love to hear what you create. 

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