Friday, July 1, 2011

Leather and Lace

Where has 24 years gone? Actually, 26 if you count the friendship and the dating. This is from my Picture color class. I don't remember the assignment -but the Stevie Nicks song got stuck in my head and here is the picture that resulted. He is the leather and I am the lace. Corny...sure...but I like it.

I am back...working on wedding albums..again!

Well...I have been busy with Picture Color class over at Big Picture Classes. I just finished 30 days of color with Tracey Clark. What fun and I learned a great deal from some wonderful photographers. I may start to add photographs to my humble blog. The first is of my Walker. He is starting High baby in High School. Frankly - he was only a baby for twelve months and they he learned to walk and has been running after the big dogs every since. :)