Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Believe...

I have been a bit absent from my little blog...but I am hoping to get back to business.  Life has been so very full and after all...and I have had to remember that I photograph, scrapbook and blog because I love my family and have stories to tell. 

This is a photo from my annual photos shoot with my little neighbor Kallie - you have seen other pictures of her and her sister.  She just turned 3 and we have been talking for a month about "when Miss Valerie takes your picture." We did a mini session with just her. What fun - and she got to be the STAR and not the little sister. Her big sis will get her own special time, too. 

I love this shot.  Yes...I added the wings  - but the rest is her.  She has a touch of Pixie and I BELIEVE she has a litttle magic!  
What a cutie.  Adding some words and a bit of a scrappy feel was irresisitable.  Do you have a photo that cries out for you to "play".  Is it calling for added wings...a quote...or even a transfer to B&W?  Just a quick addition can really make the photo memorable.  

Have a great weekend.